How it works

There is no theme for the conference. You choose the topic of your talk.

The only prerequisite is that your talk last not more than 15 minutes (+ 5 min discussion) or/and your Book Presentations 10 minutes and  Workshop 3 hours. You are there to share insights with scientists from other disciplines, so keep it sharp but make it simple! The spirit of the BernBabylon is open and informal. Use this opportunity to test ideas, advertise projects and develop collaborations with a wider peer group.

Do you have a new take on an old question? Are you working on a text and would like to know if similar texts exist in neighbouring languages? Are you recruiting team members for an excavation? Did you develop a computer programme for your field that can be used in other fields as well? Are you active in public outreach and would like to share what you do? Would you like to present your latest book? ... You are at the right place. Submit an abstract and get started!

Event Date: 7–9 November 2024 in Bern